Where is the Best Place to put Testimonials on a Website?

This is a tough question… but the short answer is on every page.

Where is the best place to put testimonials on a website?

This is a tough question… but the short answer is on every page. However, you need to take your visitor, what they need, and the actions you want them to take into account if you want to achieve scalable results. 

Something we talk about at rfrd is “showing the right video, to the right person, at the right time.” In this blog, we will break down what that means and how to center your video strategy around the ROI. 

First, let’s start by focusing on the right video. Research from Epsilon shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if you personalize their experience and video is the most consumed online content. As your prospects move through your sales funnel, there are many different videos you need. For example, you’ll need Commercials, Product Explainers, Demos, Testimonials, Case Studies, Webinars… the list goes on and on!

Secondly, it is important that you are showing the videos to the right person. A study by Nieslen shows that 92% of consumers trust their peers, so it’s critical that the person in your testimonial video is somebody the viewer can relate to. rfrd’s data shows that you can optimize results by presenting a video from someone in the same industry, at a similar sized company, at the same seniority level, in the same function, and who plays the same role on a buyer committee. 

Lastly, you have to make sure you are showing the video at the right time. Related to the right video, your audience wants specific content at key moments across the customer journey to satisfy their needs. According to Linkedin, 59% of decision makers start with testimonial, product explainer, and demo videos to help them better understand their needs and potential solutions. In addition, 36% of buyers will watch video testimonials and case studies to learn from your existing customers before making a decision. But video consumption doesn't stop there. After they’re customers, 65% prefer onboarding, training, and best-practice videos to adopt a new solutions and features

Bringing this all together, by better understanding the content you have, your audience, their needs, and your expectations, you can place the perfect videos on every page of your website and optimize their results. That can take a ton of time, energy, and resources, but rfrd does it automatically - schedule a demo and we’ll show you around.

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Alex Guest

CEO at rfrd focused on thought leadership blogs and best practices. Given his robust background in sales and entrepreneurship, Alex shares best practices about PLG and scaling with video.

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