Customer videos to grow your business

Authentic customer videos to use for testimonials and case studies in two weeks that cost 80% less than an agency.

Core values and culture

We are scientists

We believe in the scientific method to confirm hypotheses, minimize biases, and improve through iterations. Whether you’re right or wrong, you’re responsible for understanding it, documenting it, and communicating it as necessary.

We have integrity

We are honest with ourselves and others. We honor our commitments. We are mindful and present.

We are respectful

Time is everyone’s most valuable asset. We value one another and what makes us unique. We aim to leave things better than we found them.

We check our egos at the door

Everyone contributions are important to our mission. No one is “too good” for anything. It doesn’t matter whose idea it was

We get better everyday

We invest in ourselves both personally and professionally. We learn as we stand on the shoulders of giants. We replicate success and continuously improve.

rfrd was founded in 2021 by ex-Zestful alumni, Alex Guest and Max Richman. After the initial launch in Max's parents laundry room, our team grew and spent our time focused on making the video creation process easier for all.