Retain your customers and drive upsells

Improve customer value with targeted onboarding and best practice videos
65% of customers prefer video to onboard and train their teams on your solution
The no-code video solution for onboarding, training, and best practices

Lower customer support costs while increasing LTV

Gather and promote best practice videos, success stories, and get more from valuable customer time

Onboarding a new client?

rfrd automates custom video training flows throughout your product to shorten time-to-value

Launching a new product?

Show customers how to get more value from your solutions the moment they log in

Upgrading customers from free to paid?

Target cohorts of customers with videos that sell the value of premium and paid features

Free Video Analysis

See how your videos stack up and get data-driven advice on how to get the most out of them

Upload a video

More Success Features

Community Building

Connect your customers without sharing contact information with secure video messaging.

Best-Practice Sharing

Have power users share how they get the most value your solution.

Then, show your customers who would love to learn from the leaders in their space.

Question #1
How do you use the solution everyday?
Happy to help! Here's a video to help you through this issue.

Support + FAQ Videos

Record your screen to answer tickets 1:1, establish best-practices, or build an entire video library to add into your LMS.

Product Insights

Capture user research and feedback without asking your customers to schedule a meeting, use another tool, or login to a system that they've never heard of.

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Impact: Product
How could we make the onboarding process easier? Faster?