Retain and expand your customer base

Embed video tooltips, best-practices, and playlists to scale product education, onboarding, and feature adoption.
Product Led Growth
How do you add video playlists into your product to improve customer expansion?
the no code video solution for customer success + support

Present the perfect videos at the right moment to improve lifetime value

Collect and feature videos from your team, industry experts, and power users to drive results on everypage.

Video Tooltips

Add videos across your product to increase free-to-paid conversion and improve product utilization while decreasing your customer retention costs

Referral & Reference Videos

The next time you get a 9+ on an NPS survey, record their recommendation so you can share the video with marketing, sales, and everyone else!

Programmatic Playlists

Serve the most relevant videos to every user so your beginners get started faster and your experts learn new ways to capture more value from your solution

Video Tooltips with Julia
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More Success Features

Community Building

Connect your customers without sharing contact information with secure video messaging.

Best-Practice Sharing

Have power users share how they get the most value your solution.

Then, show your customers who would love to learn from the leaders in their space.

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How do you use the solution everyday?
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Support + FAQ Videos

Record your screen to answer tickets 1:1, establish best-practices, or build an entire video library to add into your LMS.

Product Insights

Capture user research and feedback without asking your customers to schedule a meeting, use another tool, or login to a system that they've never heard of.

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How could we make the onboarding process easier? Faster?