Have your customers do the selling

Close more deals faster with customized playlists of video demos, case studies, and references
Improve opportunity conversion up to 300% by providing peer recommendations to each buyer
Add videos to every touchpoint, sales stage, and channel

Close more deals with fewer reps and less sales activity

Record and feature your biggest customers, best use cases, and get more from your internal experts

Need to personalize demos at scale?

rfrd automatically displays playlists of pre-record demo clips based on industry and job title

Written case studies not closing the deal?

rfrd showcases customer success stories through targeted videos that convert more new business

Unsure how videos influence buyers?

Track plays and opens throughout the sales cycle to determine what content drives conversion

Can't provide references to everyone?

rfrd gives every member of the buying committee a recommendation from a trusted peer

Free Video Analysis

See how your videos stack up and get data-driven advice on how to get the most out of them

Upload a video

More Sales Features

Buying Committee Alignment

Provide videos for each buyer persona so they get exactly the information that they're looking for from someone just like them

Drew Lawrence, VP of Sales @ brightfin
Why should revenue leaders demo rfrd?

Customer video prospecting

92% of prospects trust their peers where only 3% trust salespeople - add your best customers into your business development to improve conversion

References for everyone

Give every prospect the reference that they need to get the deal done - even provide them proactively to accelerate each sale in your pipeline

Track plays and opens

Get notified when your prospects are watching your videos, sharing them internally, and which clips are most interesting to them

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