How Do I Give a Good Video Testimonial? Part II - Setting the Stage

Our Director of Production will discuss best practices for setting up your space to record.

If you’re filming a testimonial video in your own space, you want to make sure it’s neat, neutral, and well-lit.

Avoid spaces that look disorganized or messy because clutter can be distracting to your audience. You should be the only thing they’re focused on (not the mess on the kitchen table).

Like clutter, a loud space will take attention away from you and your message; whether it’s outside traffic noise or bold decor. Choose a quiet area with a simple background - maybe some plants or subtle decor like a bookshelf. As a best practice, consider using the same space where you take Zoom meetings.

Lastly, to have good lighting, you’ll want to make sure your light source is in front of you – not directly above or behind you. If you don’t have a light ring or a lamp that you can put behind your camera, try to face a window or the main light source in the room. 

In the next blog, we’ll discuss how to feel and sound your best on camera

Kenzie Meek-Beck

Director of Production at rfrd where she produces custom customer videos, marketing content, vlogs, and best practice guides about video creation.

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