Why Video Marketing Sticks

Read this blog to understand why we are constantly scrolling through videos on social media

Technology has made it simple for businesses to create a video – even in the increasingly remote world. It has also made it extremely simple for customers to view video material. To be successful in business, you must cater to the demands and needs of your target audience. Research has repeatedly proven that consumers not only appreciate but prefer video material.

This has only been increasingly true in recent years. With the pandemic, 68 % of people's video-viewing habits have altered, with 96 % consuming more video material. 

Why Do We Love Watching Content?

Our brain is geared to recall visual material better than text on a page. According to Forbes, the average viewer remembers 95 % of a message once they watch it, compared to only 10 % when they read it. Videos give rise to a range of feelings such as pleasure, melancholy, shock, exhilaration, intensity, comfort, and nervousness. This roller-coaster of emotions is one of the reasons we enjoy watching videos.

We all want to be amused and inspired, whether seeking movies, TV series, YouTube shorts, Snapchat, or Instagram videos. Video material allows us to relax and provides the perfect opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the day.

We also learn new things through watching videos. For example, if you want to learn how to repair a sink or install a hard drive? One single search on YouTube and you'll find videos about almost everything you can think of.

Why Do Some Videos Stick Better Than Others?

The content of a video sticks longer when it is captivating, motivating, and actionable.

What a video that sticks better than others is a video that…

  • grabs people's attention
  • engages viewers
  • drives more traffic to your website
  •  is memorable and improves brand recognition
  • helps increase buying intent

The relevance of video content is steadily increasing, and it is widespread in social media network marketing. There are a variety of ways to effectively interject videos into your marketing efforts and content: through social media platforms embedded in emails, or incorporated into your campaign landing pages. 

Marketing Videos for Your Product!

Video marketing is a powerful marketing tool; its impact on our audience is more impactful than we realize. Utilize and consider scaling videos in your marketing tactics to stay relevant and visible to your audience. Use rfrd for relevant videos that will produce more quality leads, complete transactions faster, and broaden existing connections.

Clara Kobashigawa

Growth marketer at rfrd focused on writing blogs highlighting industry trends. From video best practices to marketing statistic summaries, she delivers informative research in a lighthearted manner.

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