Why Video Marketing Works

Video marketing is on the rise as so many companies adopt this form of communication

Need help convincing your sales or making a team to spend more resources on video testimonials? Or, are you just curious about what all the hype is surrounding video marketing? If the answer to one or both of those questions is yes, keep on reading! In this blog, we outline six reason why video marketing is a superior form of outreach. 

  1. Video Content Helps You Generate More Qualified Leads

Video marketing content is like an accelerant when it comes to your sales funnel. With video, you’re able to better demonstrate your product’s value to potential customers, moving them through the path to purchase more quickly. The result? If you include video content, you’ll close deals faster and augment the relationships you have with your current customers.  

  1. The Video's Immediacy

Instant posting of videos on social media, sending a video via email, or attaching it to a campaign page allows your followers to see your message in seconds. Customers' engagement in a micro-moment has emerged as a new marketing goal. To make the immediacy work, the video content must be valuable. 

  1. Videos Are Statistically More Engaging Than Other Types Of  Content

According to statistics, consumers are 27 times more likely to click on a video ad than a standard ad on a web page. Videos see higher engagement rates than other types of social outreach such as blogs or text only posts. 

  1. You Can Include Any Media In A Video

Multimedia marketing is popular because it allows for more creative approaches to presenting your brand. Remember that video is the only medium that combines all other mediums into one. It can include graphics, text, smart audio, and visuals.

Many companies opt to repurpose their former marketing content as video. For example, you could transform an old text blog into a captivating video regarding something relevant to your industry.

  1. Creating a Sense of Urgency and Action

If you have the exciting ability to convey emotion in your videos, you can persuade the viewer to take action right away. The more you create a sense of urgency, the faster people will respond to the call to action and also buy one of your items.

  1. It’s Video Content Is More Accessible

Transcripts, captions, and careful use of text, flashes, and color or animation are features of an accessible video. When the default audio track is insufficient, a video should be conveyed in a reachable format with also a media player that is accessible, including an added audio description.

Bonus Tips: 

Make Short, Shareable Videos- The shorter your videos are, the more likely they will receive views (don't go overboard).

Create an Eye-Catching Hook- The first few seconds of your video can make or break it. So, when it comes to creating a compelling hook, go into it thoughtfully

Include a Call to Action- If you want your viewers to interact with your brand in any way, invite them to do so. It is almost as essential to have an actionable video CTA as it is to have a hook.

Make Use of Search Engine Algorithms- Don't forget about the SEO aspects of your videos.

Be a Storyteller- Plan and organize your content to tell a compelling story.

Marketing Videos for Your Product!

Video marketing is a powerful marketing tool; its impact on our audience is more impactful than we realize. Utilize and consider scaling videos in your marketing tactics to stay relevant and visible to your audience. Use rfrd for relevant videos that will produce more quality leads, complete transactions faster, and broaden existing connections.

Clara Kobashigawa

Growth marketer at rfrd focused on writing blogs highlighting industry trends. From video best practices to marketing statistic summaries, she delivers informative research in a lighthearted manner.

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