Should I Put Testimonials on a Website?

A majority of buyers say that customer testimonials are the most credible form of content.

Should you put testimonials on your website?

YES! A thousand times yes. 97% of buyers say that customer testimonials are THE most credible form of content - so you absolutely need it. Not only on your marketing and landing pages, but also in your product if you’re a SaaS company. Video testimonials generate 62% more revenue from every customer according to data from BigCommerce.

Embedding personalized testimonials on your website, you will create more qualified leads, adding them to your online sales proposal pages will help you close more deals up to 34% faster, and incorporating them into an online product will improve customer expansion.

Our no-code solutions allow you to add video to any page without bothering your web developer. You can test it out yourself by starting your free trial today.

Alex Guest

CEO at rfrd focused on thought leadership blogs and best practices. Given his robust background in sales and entrepreneurship, Alex shares best practices about PLG and scaling with video.

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