Top 5 Marketing Statistics: Video Accelerates Revenue Growth by 50%

In part one of this five part series we'll discuss how video can support your revenue goals

Part 1: Video Accelerates Revenue Growth by 50%

Everyone knows that video is the future of content, but this statistic from Wordstream really shows the chasm between those who invest in video and those who choose to be left behind.

It’s just the beginning and the divide is accelerating.

As younger generations continue to join the professional world, become more present on buying committees, and come to power as decision-makers - video will dominate content across the entire customer journey. 

Take a look at the Future Capitalist’s research on media consumption habits by generation. I see two significant trends when comparing myself (a millennial) to previous generations and the next.

Millennials vs. Boomers & Gen X

  • Millennials consume far more content and more online content than previous generations with the highest degree of content diversity - if Gen X started the online content revolution, we took it for everything it was worth

Millennials vs. Gen Z

  • The next generation beats millennials when it comes to video consumption, but their content diversity is the second lowest - Online Video means to them what Broadcast TV meant to Boomers.

Beleaguering the point, consider this New York Times article breaking down why the majority of Gen Z is more likely to search on short-form video platforms (like TikTok) over Google. 

After some reflection, we (millennials) learned how to “Google” something as search engines rose to power. Just like our parents learned the Dewey Decimal system, you don’t search for answers online like you would in a library. There’s a method to madness when you’re looking for specific results. If you don’t get it after a couple attempts, you give up. In the search engine world, that’s a lost customer, and those failures build up (RIP Bing). Gen Z seems to have found a new path, their own path.

The data tells a simple message: video needs to be a pervasive (...and growing) part of your marketing strategy - full stop.

Alex Guest

CEO at rfrd focused on thought leadership blogs and best practices. Given his robust background in sales and entrepreneurship, Alex shares best practices about PLG and scaling with video.

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