How Can I Promote my Video Testimonial?

Here are our tips for maximizing the ROI from your video testimonial!

Once you’ve recorded an amazing video testimonial, you need to make sure the right audience watches it at the right time. Here are a couple tips: 

  • Testimonials are best used to generate leads and win new sales, so you’ll want to promote them to your audience in the awareness, consideration, and conversion stages of your customer journey. In fact, HubSpot’s data show that adding video testimonials to your landing pages can increase lead generation by 86%.
  • Because you’re targeting your prospects in the first part of your customer journey, you’ll want to pick the right channels. Our data shows a multi-channel approach using personalized video playlist will maximize ROI, so it’s best to promote videos on your website, on social media, and both in your marketing and sales emails.

To see the best results, it’s critical that the company and customer featured in the video match each viewer watching it. Our solutions do that automatically, but we’re happy to give you some best-practices if you’d like to do it yourself - just drop us a line.

Alex Guest

CEO at rfrd focused on thought leadership blogs and best practices. Given his robust background in sales and entrepreneurship, Alex shares best practices about PLG and scaling with video.

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