Widget Feature Release

Programmatically display the perfect videos, to the right person across your entire customer journey

We are excited to announce one of our latest available product features, the rfrd video widget.

The rfrd widget is a no-code solution that automatically displays a series of videos on any web page - improving metrics across the entire customer journey and driving product led growth. The rfrd widget is a small icon that stays on screen as you scroll. It presents with a gif, which is taken from the first video you pick on your playlist, plus a "call-to-action" text box.

When you click on the widget, a series of customer videos appear with a player -- and the prospective customer can view the videos right then and there.

You can post up to five videos in the widget, and our recommendation is anywhere from 3 to 5 videos. It’s more important to include the most relevant videos to your audience as opposed to adding additional videos for just the sake of having more content.

Let’s go into how different teams can optimally use the widget:

  • Marketing teams use the widget to programmatically serve the right video to visitors on website and landing pages to generate more qualified leads. 
  • While sales teams use the widget to add targeted demo videos and video references based on each buyer persona to close more deals faster. 
  • Customer Success teams can use it to show onboarding and best-practice videos directly within the product in order to improve retention and expand revenue.

If you want to learn more, please feel free to schedule a demo with us! We're excited to meet with you.

Kenzie Meek-Beck

Director of Production at rfrd where she produces custom customer videos, marketing content, vlogs, and best practice guides about video creation.

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