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We are so excited to unleash our ghoulish new product, magic quotes! 
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Clara Kobashigawa

It's a spooky season at rfrd and don’t try to tell us otherwise. We are so excited to unleash our ghoulish new product, magic quotes!  Magic quotes are based on a testimonial video your customer has filmed. It's a moving gif taken from a few frames of the video -- plus text quoting a portion of the testimonial. When you click on the magic quote -- it takes you to the full customer testimonial video.

Magic quotes allow you to increase conversion and engagement by combining text and video. The no-code solution takes less than three minutes to add to your website - improving page visits, session length, lead generation, and much more! 

Building out the magic quote is simple. Within your account, you start by filling out what you want included in the quote -- like the name of the speaker, their title, what colors you want for the magic quote, and then select the testimonial video the magic quote derives from.

An easy use case for magic quotes is to transform your traditional testimonials. Having both text and video allows you to grab the viewer’s attention. You can embed magic quotes from customers on your homepage, testimonial page, or within case studies.

You can film the testimonial videos to use for the magic quotes within rfrd. And, you can use these magic quotes strategically to target potential customers along certain parts of the customer journey. So, when thinking about what questions to ask for the magic quote testimonials, consider the KPIs you are trying to hit with each video. For example, if you are more focused on lead generation, consider asking questions like; in your own words, what does your company provide and do? Why is @company the best solution for your needs? What made you realize you needed this type of solution?

Another way to use the feature is within your recruiting efforts. You can have different employees talk about why they love working at your company. On our website, we have a magic quote of our CEO, Alex, talking about our core values. This is a great way to engage employees while combining text and videos. 

Some questions you can ask your employees are for the about us page include; what is your favorite core value and why? Describe the culture at your company? Describe your team dynamics and why you love working with your team!

Want to test out magic quotes? We are here to help! Schedule a time with our CEO to learn more about what rfrd can do for your team.

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