Lavalier Microphone Best Practices

Here's some pro tips from Robinton Hobbs - an audio engineer and composer - on how to position a mic

In the vlog below, we’re joined by Robinton Hobbs, a composer and audio engineer, who uses a lavalier microphone to go over the best practices for mic positioning and placement. This video is mainly focused on audio quality tips for this specific type of microphone, but there are some learnings that can be applied to improve overall audio quality for any set up. The vlog will review where to place the microphone for the best quality audio, how to put it on yourself, and how to get your space set up for the best audio quality possible.

We have other vlogs focused on audio tips. We have one on overall audio quality 101 for a remote call and music utilization in testimonial videos. 

Kenzie Meek-Beck

Director of Production at rfrd where she produces custom customer videos, marketing content, vlogs, and best practice guides about video creation.

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