How do I get clients for video testimonials?

The collection of video testimonials is a topic that is crucial to your video strategy.

Today, we’re covering our most frequently asked question: “How do I get one of my clients to give me a video testimonial?”

Featuring video testimonials from your best clients is critical to growing your business. According to BigCommerce, consumers who interact with testimonials are 58% more likely to buy.

Here are our top three tips to get video testimonials:

  1. Ask when value recognition is high
  1. Your clients are most likely to give a testimonial when they’re happiest and realize the full value of your solution. We recommend asking them for testimonials just after making a purchase, after giving a high rating / review / NPS score, and after reaching key milestones using your solution.

  1. Ask for testimonials as part of an exchange in value
  1. If a potential customer asks for a discount or you’re negotiating on price, require a testimonial as part of the exchange. This helps reaffirm the value they see in your solution while generating valuable content.

  1. Make it as easy as possible
  1. Allow your customers to record themselves, give them examples for what great testimonials look like, and even upgrade their webcam as a “thank you” for their time. Not only will you get more and better testimonial videos, but you’ll capture a video with higher production value.

By following these three steps, you’ll be able to collect video testimonials to generate more leads and convert customers faster.

Alex Guest

CEO at rfrd focused on thought leadership blogs and best practices. Given his robust background in sales and entrepreneurship, Alex shares best practices about PLG and scaling with video.

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