Testimonials: Trust & Cause

Want to entice your customers for testimonials? Give them the option to donate to a nonprofit!

 A powerful tool to encourage customers to speak about your brand is incentivization. A common example is where brands provide discount codes or freebies for customers who review their products. A twist on this strategy is to donate to a charity of your customer's choice in exchange for a video testimonial. Donating to a charity on your customer's behalf can encourage them to share their brand experience via video and build trust.

Many companies offer donation options, but consumers have no real say in where their contributions go.

So here are some reasons why your brand should give clients the ability to choose where their donation goes:

  • The ability to choose a charity caters to a variety of people
  • You allow your customers to feel in control of their own money, even if they are only giving away a small amount. By giving them the power to choose, they can have ownership in the process.
  • Allowing customers to select where their donation goes lets them trust your company more. And if any of their charities align with the companies' causes, you have made an emotional bond.
  • It creates loyalty within clients because it shows that you care more than making a profit, which will make them stay loyal to your brand. 
  • It lets clients donate money to a specific charity that speaks to their value. It helps other charities not related to your business interests receive donations.

Donating to charity also increases customer engagement and profits.

  1. Increased Engagement: Donating to charities boosts customer engagement. People like to buy from businesses doing something for the greater good. Therefore, when you give, you not only feel amazing, but your customers do too. Even better,when a customer feels excited  about their customer experience, they're more likely to tell other people about it.
  2. Increased Profits: Giving away part of your profits to help others increase earnings because charitable donations build trust and credibility with customers. If you're wondering how much of your profits you should donate… the answer is: any amount will make an impact, even if it's 1%. Once a customer knows that you're helping others with the money they spend with you, they'll continue to come back.

In exchange for a video testimonial, ask your customers to contribute to a charity of their choice. This two-for-one offer pleases the customer and helps you achieve your business goals. By allowing your customers to share a positive experience, you're building their trust in your brand. You're creating an environment where they feel comfortable sharing about their experience. 

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Clara Kobashigawa

Growth marketer at rfrd focused on writing blogs highlighting industry trends. From video best practices to marketing statistic summaries, she delivers informative research in a lighthearted manner.

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