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Transform video into your #1
qualified lead generator
revenue channel
customer success tool
self-service engine
qualified lead generator
See how rfrd leverages identity resolution, data enrichment, and personalization to optimize video ROI

79% more qualified leads

Convert more leads by uncovering who's watching your videos, where they work, and what they're looking to buy

Company Insights

Show industry specific explainer videos based on target accounts, competitors, revenue, etc.

Job Titles

Provide peer testimonials from trusted colleagues, leaders, and experts based on a viewer's position

Customer Journey Stages

Connect marketing automation to display personalized clips based on ABM or lifecycle stages

34% faster sales cycles

Generate more revenue with less work by highlighting your best relationships - have your customers do the selling for you

Buyer Personas

Close deals faster by connecting the entire buyer committee with customers who look just like them

Ideal Customer Profiles

Improve win-rates by displaying proof-points on achieving ROI based on specific use cases

Sales Pipeline

Scale rep time while moving deals forward by automatically displaying videos based on sales stage

95% better product adoption

Playlists curated to improve customer retention present videos that educate users on attaining and maximizing value

User Analytics

Shorten time to value by providing specific training based on user login and activity

Product Analytics

Maximize customer experience by showing how-to videos that drive product and feature utilization

Customer Service Data

Reduce customer retention costs by presenting support videos based on ticket submissions

Expand revenue by 17%

Improve retention by promoting best practice videos directly in your product - turn every user into a power user

Product Versions

Lower customer acquisition costs by automating product tours for new users based their current plan

User Permissions

Improve LTV by introducing new features to users based on who benefits most and has authority to buy

Customer Data Platform

Expand accounts by proving the value of premium features based on data across the customer lifecycle